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Security For Today's Women

RRP $13.99

This publication is written specifically for Women of all ages. It covers personal security, awareness scenarios, basic self defense 'a simplified version of MCMMA' also personal home security scenario's. Awareness guidance in parking garages, mall parking lots, mindset and precautions. This book is highly recommended for young college coeds living in dorms, business women and seniors living alone. Topics covered are physical attacks, rape, muggings, abuse and battered women, re-building self esteem, and how to seek help. The Author is Retired Military, Marine Instructor, Director of Human Resources, Addictions Counselor and Treatment program advisor. and a Vietnam USMC Combat Veteran.I originally wrote this book in the mid 1980's, unfortunately it is more applicable now. The decision to re-write or update 'Security for Today's Women' was a simple one. I began thinking about revising the text and publishing to Amazon, following a conversation with my wife. Where she had expressed her concern about the dangers faced by today's college coeds, either sex. Those living in a college dorm or apartment. And how closely it compared to her own terrifying rape experience in a dark parking garage. Her voiced concerns regarding the unknown dangers faced by today's women everywhere, inspired a complete rewrite of the original book, new cover and all.When the initial book was completed in the 80's, She eagerly read it and basically stated; If I had known this stuff before, it would have never happened. Every woman should know how to defend herself. That's the story behind this little book for today's busy Women. It is our sincere hope you do not have such a terrifying experience thrust upon you. In the words of my wife and editor: "Knowing how to defend myself, changes everything". This small book is a no nonsense, thirty+ pages of Self Help, 'Awareness with Attitude' book for Today's Women, everywhere.A Marines wife knows, "Attitude is Everything". Thank you and stay safe.Thomas & Lisa

Victims As Security Threats

RRP $457.99

The refugee phenomenon is a major force in international politics. This is more so in sub-Saharan Africa where refugees are major actors in the affairs of their home and host countries. But, are refugees just victims of insecurity or also major causes of insecurity? Mogire analyses how and why refugees, victims of insecurity caused by persecution and the many incessant conflicts which continue unabated, have come to be viewed by scholars and practitioners as security threats. Using Kenya and Tanzania as empirical case studies, this volume examines the nature of this threat, its projection and responses. Moreover, it highlights how, if at all, these threats are different or similar to other security threats faced by these countries.

Critical Infrastructure Protection In Homeland Security

RRP $81.99

"...excellent for use as a text in information assurance or cyber-security courses...I strongly advocate that professors...examine this book with the intention of using it in their programs." (Computing, March 22, 2007)

"The book is written as a student textbook, but it should be equally valuable for current practitioners...this book is a very worthwhile investment." (Homeland Security Watch, August 17, 2006)

While the emphasis is on the development of policies that lead to successful prevention of terrorist attacks on the nation’s infrastructure, this book is the first scientific study of critical infrastructures and their protection. The book models the nation’s most valuable physical assets and infrastructure sectors as networks of nodes and links. It then analyzes the network to identify vulnerabilities and risks in the sector combining network science, complexity theory, modeling and simulation, and risk analysis.

The most critical components become the focus of deeper analysis and protection. This approach reduces the complex problem of protecting water supplies, energy pipelines, telecommunication stations, Internet and Web networks, and power grids to a much simpler problem of protecting a few critical nodes. The new edition incorporates a broader selection of ideas and sectors and moves the mathematical topics into several appendices.

How To Survive A Home Purchase

RRP $13.99

Are you preparing to purchase a home for your family? Then here is the resource for you! No one who is even beginning to think in terms of a buying a home should be without it.You've saved a nice sized down payment. You've picked out a neighborhood with pleasant tree-lined streets and good schools. You've checked out all sorts of amenities. But now, the current real estate environment seems really scary. News sources are full of home purchasing horror stories. Foreclosures and short sales can turn a dream house into a nightmare. You're not the world's greatest DIYer, nor are you a financial wizard.How to Survive A Home Purchase outlines step-by-step how to walk through the potential mine fields of home ownership and come out on the other side as a real estate winner!

A Rising China And Security In East Asia

RRP $564.99

This volume provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the security discourse of Chinese policy elites on the major powers in East Asia in relation to Chinaa (TM)s self-perception as a rising power. It is the first book-length study that utilizes International Relations theories systematically to analyze Chinese security perceptions of the United States, Japan and Russia, and the debate among Chinese international relations specialists on how China should respond to the perceived challenge from the major powers to its rise to a global status.

Rex Li argues that the security discourse of Chinese policy analysts is closely linked to their conception of Chinaa (TM)s identity and their desire and endeavour to construct a great power identity for China. Drawing on extensive and up-to-date Chinese-language sources, the study demonstrates that Chinese elites perceive the power, aspirations and security strategies of other East Asian powers primarily in terms of their implications for Chinaa (TM)s pursuit of great power status. This new work will contribute significantly to the on-going academic and policy debate on the nature and repercussions of Chinaa (TM)s rise.

This book will be essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students and scholars of Asian security, Chinaa (TM)s foreign relations, security studies and international relations.


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