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Homeland Security, Its Law And Its State

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The book provides a comprehensive assessment of US domestic counterterrorism policy since 2001. It sets out the importance of developments of counterterrorism policy and their effects on political organisation beyond the realm of security. Drawing on state theory of Nicos Poulantzas and Bob Jessop which views the state as a social relation the book advances a novel way of conceptualising the interrelations among law, the state, and society. Here law is seen as a social relation, and its content as a codification of social dynamics as they are mediated by both state and legal institutions. Therefore law can at any given time provide important indications regarding the nature of the state, its relation to the population, and the strategic interventions it attempts in the field of social dynamics. The book investigates the institutional restructuring involved in the advent of homeland security. It considers the introduction of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its relations with state and local governments, as well as assessing the relations between the Department and private business in the 'homeland security' context. The book then goes on to examine various parts of the counterterrorism legislation focusing on those elements which have been used outside of the sphere of counter-terrorism to exercise repression of wider political and economic actions. The book concludes that homeland security policy in the US has become a new terrain of social antagonism, involving significant reconfigurations of the law-form and the state-form which is entering a new phase of Authoritarian Statism. The book charts how the mechanisms introduced in the framework of security policy are seemingly providing the default mode for economic policy, with an emphasis on full authorisation and extreme concentration of power at the upper echelons of the executive, resurgence of protectionism within national borders and the decline of international regimes of governance.

Security For Today's Women

RRP $13.99

This publication is written specifically for Women of all ages. It covers personal security, awareness scenarios, basic self defense 'a simplified version of MCMMA' also personal home security scenario's. Awareness guidance in parking garages, mall parking lots, mindset and precautions. This book is highly recommended for young college coeds living in dorms, business women and seniors living alone. Topics covered are physical attacks, rape, muggings, abuse and battered women, re-building self esteem, and how to seek help. The Author is Retired Military, Marine Instructor, Director of Human Resources, Addictions Counselor and Treatment program advisor. and a Vietnam USMC Combat Veteran.I originally wrote this book in the mid 1980's, unfortunately it is more applicable now. The decision to re-write or update 'Security for Today's Women' was a simple one. I began thinking about revising the text and publishing to Amazon, following a conversation with my wife. Where she had expressed her concern about the dangers faced by today's college coeds, either sex. Those living in a college dorm or apartment. And how closely it compared to her own terrifying rape experience in a dark parking garage. Her voiced concerns regarding the unknown dangers faced by today's women everywhere, inspired a complete rewrite of the original book, new cover and all.When the initial book was completed in the 80's, She eagerly read it and basically stated; If I had known this stuff before, it would have never happened. Every woman should know how to defend herself. That's the story behind this little book for today's busy Women. It is our sincere hope you do not have such a terrifying experience thrust upon you. In the words of my wife and editor: "Knowing how to defend myself, changes everything". This small book is a no nonsense, thirty+ pages of Self Help, 'Awareness with Attitude' book for Today's Women, everywhere.A Marines wife knows, "Attitude is Everything". Thank you and stay safe.Thomas & Lisa

Living With Insecurity In A Brazilian Favela

RRP $231.99

The residents of Caxambu, a squatter neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, live in a state of insecurity as they face urban violence. Living with Insecurity in a Brazilian Favela examines how inequality, racism, drug trafficking, police brutality, and gang activities affect the daily lives of the people of Caxambu. Some Brazilians see these communities, known as favelas, as centers of drug trafficking that exist beyond the control of the state and threaten the rest of the city. For other Brazilians, favelas are symbols of economic inequality and racial exclusion. Ben Penglase's ethnography goes beyond these perspectives to look at how the people of Caxambu themselves experience violence.

Although the favela is often seen as a war zone, the residents are linked to each other through bonds of kinship and friendship. In addition, residents often take pride in homes and public spaces that they have built and used over generations. Penglase notes that despite poverty, their lives are not completely defined by illegal violence or deprivation. He argues that urban violence and a larger context of inequality create a social world that is deeply contradictory and ambivalent. The unpredictability and instability of daily experiences result in disagreements and tensions, but the residents also experience their neighborhood as a place of social intimacy. As a result, the social world of the neighborhood is both a place of danger and safety.

Busy Bear S New Home

RRP $17.99

Kids will love this fun fall follow-up to Flutterby Butterfly and Hoppity Frog, with interactive slide-out panels on each page! Busy Bear is looking for a new home before winter. Where should he stay?Should he stay in the burrow? No, that's Fluffy Bunny'shome!Should he stay in the log?No, that's Stripy Snake's home! Children will love pushing out the sturdy sliders on each page of this board book until they find a tree, the perfect new home for Busy Bear!"

The Arithmetic Of Tax And Social Security Reform

RRP $290.99

Tax-benefit models are powerful tools for the analysis of the impact of policy reform, in regular use around the world in government and research organisations. This study focuses on one particular model, POLIMOD, and performs three tasks. It provides an illustration of the type of analysis that can be performed, and demonstrates the sensitivity of results to some of the key assumptions that are made. It steps inside POLIMOD and documents some of the inner layers of data manipulation and model construction that drive its output. And it provides a detailed assessment of the reliability of those outputs based on a validation against external sources. The study offers those who use models like POLIMOD, or their outputs, an appreciation of the constraints and assumptions that shape the analysis they provide. And it provides those directly involved in the development of microsimulation models with a guide to methods.


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